Dee Kline vs. Freq Nasty - Every Posse And Crew

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  • For those already into breakbeats and 2-step will know this song has now become huge primarily with Freq Nasty adding his name to it on one hand and the awesome production skills on the other. After a few sub-par efforts released on Fatboy Slim's immensely huge Skint label, Freq Nasty comes back, teamed up with Rat Records label boss Deekline, in yo face with some dirty bass lines, scratching and all round 2-step madness. The Freqy one himself previewed this track when he performed here for Breakdown 2 with the Stanton Warriors on Boxing Day 2001 and it was definitely a slap in the face. Side A. Original mix The original cut in it's fullest form. Why would I say it was a slap in the face? Well simply because on every 3rd bar there is a snare drum beat which cuts in 1/4 of a beat too early and it just simply wakes you up as if you felt the song was out of time but in fact it wasn't. Nice touch. Put a really dirty bass line sound on top of this and another bass line to give it more bottom end feel and this is definitely a dancefloor rocker in any language be it breaks or 2-step. Sibe B. Dancefloor Bully Mix This time a more stable breakbeat tune ie. none of that wierd snare drum action of the original, yet still retains a tough feel that the original conveys. More emphasis on the bassline, a little more melody in it, and it would go down well with the speed garage tracks which seemingly lurk out there. For an underground breakbeat/2-step label, Rat have really pulled out some decent tracks for their label. There are of course some releases which have been a little questionable eg. The T.I. Tune but it's releases like this one that can really make an impact on the world of breaks. It is good to see that producers like these two are still making tracks concentrating on rocking dancefloors whereas a lot of producers are starting to get a little too techy and a bit weird.