Aquasky vs Masterblaster feat. The Ragga Twins - Loko

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  • From drum'n'bass to breakbeats and now to ragga infused 2-step, Aquasky vs Masterblaster certainly can do no wrong especially when their releases are of this quality - chunky basslines, a syncopated yet very danceable beat complimented by 2 awesome ragga MC's, this release certainly makes those So Solid Crew boys feel brittle. Side A. Loko feat. The Ragga Twins Starting off on a mellow vibe, this song has all the elements of a 2-step track - broken beats, syncopated hi-hats and the MC's come in after a short introduction to warm up the track. Once the beat starts to build up, you know it's all over... BAMM, the bass line kicks in hard as ever and the kick drums pound away like listening to your hearbeat through a stethoscope - it is that deep and full of bass. But what is it about ragga MC-ing? I can't understand a word their saying, still it is enough to make anyone shake some ass. Side B. Loko (Masterblaster Dub Remix) For those who can't handle ragga MC-ing are then treated to a dub mix on the B-side. This is not an instrumental mix where the vocals are simply lifted off the original track, this is a dub remix, where the track has been remixed and the vocals appear in minimal form or sometimes not at all. Starting off with a sample declaring that "we're back up and running, completely untouchable" and a sample that sounds like they've recorded someone playing with a touchtone phone, this remix is more of a breakbeat vibe than 2-step and feels a lot softer compared to the harsh, deep and bassy feel of the original. Aquasky vs Masterblaster have proven themselves to the breakbeat heads that not only can they produce mad drum'n'bass beats, but also their production skills with the slower breaks and 2-step tracks are worth checking out as well. This is one of the singles from the new LP, Beat The System and if this is anything to go by, then it should be worth checking out.