Ripperton - Narrow Minded EP

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  • One of the standout producers of 2006 releases his second EP on one of the year's standout labels. Ripperton's 'Narrow Minded EP' on Connaisseur is a fantastic three-tracker for anyone who loves that lush, techy stuff that is coming out of Europe right now. The original mix of the main track 'Tainted Words' has been championed by James Holden, Kiki and many more, and deservedly so. It's fantastically constructed, beginning with a simple funky rhythm before dropping away into a signature slurring, drunken melody, but once the beat returns, I can guarantee mayhem. The bassline is massive with dirt and funk spraying off it like a garden sprinkler - if this doesn't get the place rocking, then you might as well go home. On remix duties Berliners Plasmik take 'Tainted Words' way deeper, but damn, it's sexy - for all the world (Note: personal opinion - sound may vary to others) conjuring up aliens that look like Jessica Alba doing a spaceship striptease. Perfect stuff for warm-ups or 5 a.m. benders. Lastly comes 'Farra', and it' emotive qualities will grab you instantly by the heart. According to Connaisseur, Ripperton dedicated 'Farra' to "my family and close circle of friends", and laden with swirling synths and subtle beauty, the feeling that went into the tune is obvious. This one's a keeper.
  • Tracklist
      A Tainted Words B1 Tainted Words (Plasmik Remix) B2 Farra