Andre Crom/Tim Querengasser - Bodenturnen Dub/Like That

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  • It's a game of two halves. Tim Querengasser misses the mark with the uninspiring 'Like That' and only partially saves the day with the harsh Minus-meets-Robag outing that is 'Strip Down'. So let's concentrate on Andre Crom's offerings - both of which should be stored in the file marked 'Initially unassuming club bangers'. Pick of the bunch (by a whisker) is 'Bodenturnen Dub' with its thudding kick, enjoyably obvious one-note bassline and catchy DBX-on-steroids central riff that soon spirals out of control, pushing the percussion as it worms its way through the track. Not far behind is wobbly wonder 'Loop' which causes the same commotion using slightly different tools: the muted kick and hi-hat struggle contain a stadium-sized siren, and well-placed phased drops build drama nicely before some tough techno hi-hats push this one over the edge. Crom is a talented producer who is developing something of a signature style - his recent release on Memo draws from a similar palette and rocks equally hard. Let's hope he keeps things fresh by pushing his sound in new directions - and let's also hope he keeps on making initially unassuming bombs like this for a while to come.
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      A1 Andre Crom - Bodenturnen Dub A2 Andre Crom - Loop B1 Tim Querengasser - Strip Down B2 Tim Querengasser - Like That