Jamie Jones - Panic

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  • Jamie Jones' debut on the always on point Crosstown Rebels is not particularly clever, but it sure is big. 'Panic' owes a reasonable debt to both Matthew Dear and Marc Houle – proceedings are dominated by an oscillating synth (that sounds like the one in 'Mouth To Mouth') moving ominously through the track (like one in 'Bay Of Figs'). And apart from a brooding bassline and a couple of drops there's not much to it – but let's not be too critical here: 'Panic' is a club monster that causes what it says on the tin. 'Paper Trail' on the flip is fairly basic UK minimal, dominated by a wonky synth and some rudimentary programming. The inclusion of the 'Panic Tools' is a nice touch – a synth-a-pella for all y'all more adventurous types.
  • Tracklist
      A1. Panic B1. Paper Trail B2. Panic Tools