James Zabiela - Weird Science

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  • The infamous protégé of dance music veteran Sasha, youngin’ James Zabiela presents his latest funky electro/breakbeat track in signature raw form. His original mix of ‘Weird Science’ is filled with bizarre, eccentric noises, and lacks any distinctive riff forms, but it’s all held together by a quirky computerised male vocal. This track already comes pre-warped and twisted for the less talented but more adventurous DJs who want to win brownie points – it’ll make fans go mental on the dancefloor. Zabiela’s 'Weirder Science' mix is more structured and slightly mellower, with a deeper electro groove than the original. The emphasis here is on trippy scratching and manipulated loops, both of which feed into the overall sound. Meat Katie’s remix is a funkier, bouncier breakbeat with less vocal attention and slightly faster bpms. This is more sophisticated electro with a fuller-figured bassline and a bleepy, groovin’ signature riff to balance things out. Nice builds ups, minimal breakdowns – a sound remix. The Kriece remix produces punchier, solid beats balanced carefully with a dirty eerie funk. Anticipate a bit more beat and gritty random sounds grounded in the unique production of the original. Zabiela’s tracks are highly DJ friendly and versatile, and ‘Weird Science’ would suit any time of day, from Sunday drinks to midnight mayhem. Zabiela’s musical individuality is impressive, and the result is that when you hear his tracks in a club fans do go wild. When did dance music become so systematic, and where are the other Zabielas to keep the crowds on edge?
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      1 Weird Science 2 Weirder Science 3 Weird Science (Meat Katie Remix) 4 Weird Science (Kriece Remix)