Pier Bucci - Familia Remix EP 2

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  • It was something of a travesty that Pier Bucci’s 2005 ‘Familia’ LP didn’t find a larger audience. A beautifully-constructed, textured epic which flowed organically from detailed, dubby soundscapes to no-nonsense dancefloor b-lines and rhythms (often in the space of the same track), it was perhaps the most perfectly formed and effective techno album of the year. But the lack of a proper vinyl release (we’re still waiting…) means that it’s taken a while to seep into the public consciousness. Crosstown Rebels, the label Bucci calls home, has gone some way to making amends this year by issuing a pair of sterling remix 12”s, the first of which featured bass-heavy interpretations by Dominik Eulberg and Dandy Jack that did serious damage to the clubs back in Spring. The second chapter is even worthier of your attention. It’s headed up by fizzing tech-houser ‘Hay Consuela’ (the original, as it appears on ‘Familia’), but it’s the B-sides you’ll want: new Bucci production ‘Instinct’ is a deep tech-steppa that starts as a solid rhythmic workout but ends as hands-aloft anthem, thanks to an addictive, rising synth line reminiscent of Gui Boratto’s ‘Arquipelago’. The real winner, though, is mind-bending version of ‘Hay Consuela’, wherein the Tuning Spork and Fuckpony man strips the perhaps overly fussy original down to a chugging, stylish and dryly jacking groove, giving the haunting Latin vocal more room to breathe. The result is a late night/early morning sure shot.