Orbital - Back To Mine

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  • ORBITAL are without a doubt the one of the most respected pioneers of electronic music as we know it. Phil and Paul Hartnoll, brothers, have sustained a healthy following over the years with their cutting edge sound and energetic live performances. Known mostly for their classic productions such as “Chime” and “The Box”, on this occasion the lads have been called upon from the gang at Back To Mine to compile the latest addition to a series that in itself has gather a cult following over the last few years. The mix is without a doubt one of the most diverse in the series. Starting with a 60’s flashback to John Barry’s “The Knack” it continues with an Orbital favourite, DSR’s “Babaloo”, a record that has been an Orbital favourite for over a decade. The melodic “Love & Fury” by the Tornadoes is uniquely described as “electronic instrumental rock n’roll” while PJ Harvey, Orbital’s most loved singer/songwriter is featured with “Kamikaze”. The mix travels through India with Falguni Pathak’s delicate vocals, hovers through the creepiness with the cries of “mummy” in Hyper-on-experience’s “Half Stepper”, and re visits the 80’s electronic scene with Tangerine’s Dream “Network Twenty Three”. The tenth installment of Back To Mine is characteristic of Orbital – innovative, diverse and individual. The mix has everything for everyone and gives a good reflection of the music that influences two artists that have influenced us greatly over the years. Tracklisting: 1. The Knack - John Barry 2. Justice to the People - Lee Perry & Friends 3. Babaloo - DSR 4. Spice (J Saul Kane Mix)- EON 5. Love and Fury - The Tornadoes 6. We Have Come to Bless This House - The Severed Heads 7. Ska'ed For Life (Instrumental Mix) EXCLUSIVE - Orbital 8. Schoolgirl Report Title Theme - Gert Wilden & Orchestra 9. Kamikaze - PJ Harvey 10. Celebrate the Bullet - The Selecter 11. No Idea (Psychotronic EP)- Earth Leakage Trip 12. Lost Property - Divine Comedy 13. Pal Pal Tori Yaad - Falguni Pathak 14. Half Stepper - Hyper on Experience 15. Dont You Burn Your Bridges - Susan Cadogan 16. Living in the Past- Jethro Tull 17. Network 23 - Tangerine Dream 18. New Base Hippo - Plaid 19. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Main Theme- Robert Mellin & Gian Piero Reverberi