Chloé & Sascha Funke - Collective 2

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  • With the glut of by-the-numbers minimal house threatening to flood most of Europe, the last thing we need is more of it, so all the more puzzling that Chloe and Sascha Funke felt the need to rework one another's discarded chaff. The rules were thus: each of them chose an unfinished track from their 'not done yet' folder for the other to complete without altering what was already there. The results are, disappointingly, less than the sum of parts. 'Point Final' is a spacious and dry exercise sounding like Cologne of five years ago. Functional kick, bass and rattling hats do the rounds before a clap is introduced prematurely, then some maracas and a sludgy synth riff. There's a break which reaches for ravey stars before returning to earth for the home stretch. 'Hand in Hand' is the stronger work and seems promising, as a two tone synth cell shudders among lesser low end gurgling and a minor barrage of short tone bursts. A break involving choral drones and chunky stabs hints at greatness but again we're let down, returning to the opening patterns, reiterated. These producers are capable of better, Funke being a personal favourite, but due to lacklustre opening material both tracks fail to ignite.