Traffic Signs - Coming Down/Back On Crack

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  • Dance music is pretty functional stuff. It doesn't need to be mold-breaking or touched by genius in order to be effective. Sometimes all you need to make a track great is just a really punchy kick drum sound. I say 'all' fully realizing that producers can spend literally days trying to find the right kickdrum sound - it's not a simple thing! The point being that the devil of dance is in the detail. I used to spend hours in charity shops picking up any and all used techno records I could find for a few pence each. And in all of these utterly forgotten records there would be something that was good - a sound, a riff, a breakdown - but 99 times out of 100 it wasn't enough to stop the overall impression being one of tedium, of this just being yet another piece of faceless dance music that sounded like all the other faceless pieces of dance music. I suppose that what happens is that producers think too much about making their record sound like the other records they like, and of making it 'fit' into a set, with the end result being a tune which has the right style, but lacks any substance. The two sides of this record are faultless with regard to being in the current style. Side-A has a jaunty garage rhythm and an acid-y riff, side-B is more straightforward and trancey. Unfortunately both of them are utterly forgettable in that they sound exactly like all the other records in the current style.