Ichundu - Hey

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  • You can hear Ichundu’s first ever release for the newly-founded Souvenir imprint, ‘Hey’, on Tiefschwarz’s recent mix for Fabric: stuck between GummiHz’s propulsive minimal and Jamie Jones’ freaky yet chic take on tech-house, Ichundu sounds a bit meek, self-effacing even. Taken out of mixing context, though, it is a proverbial other story. Turns out Inchundu are Ali and Basti themselves, recording as always with the studio trickeries of fellow Berliner Smallboy, and Souvenir is their own label dedicated to the Euro digital coolness of a sound that many would say is already starting to date a little. That said, you shouldn’t hold that against them, considering how these brothers helped shaping that very same sound and spawning the entire scene. And for those who thought ‘Eat Books’ was nothing to wet your pants over - well, you were wrong, but that is not the point here -, you’ll find ‘Hey’ strangely evocative. It comes in ‘Original’ and ‘Tiefschwarz Retouch’ forms although, frankly, you’d be damned to hear any real differences: you get on both versions digitalized church bells and spooky vocals (quite reminiscent of Lopazz’s ‘Blood’ that Ali and Basti, incidentally, remixed two years ago) on top of syncopated, random little buzzes and slightly delayed minimal beats. The end result is aerial, and even though it is kind of asking you to dance while lying down, it doesn’t feel like Tiefschwarz in disguise, which was the point of this (quite successful after all) exercise all along.