Heidi - Monza Club Ibiza Compilation Vol. 1

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  • The evaporating summer has seen compilations drop like world leaders and Berlin's Get Physical sneak in another just as the season comes to a close. Based in London, Canadian Heidi lives, works and breathes in Phonica Records in Soho, but she's also co-produced with Riton ('Vejer' - featured on this comp) and spins around Europe: at Fabric, at the Panoramabar and at Monza in Frankfurt and Ibiza. The question is will her mix debut win her the crown as the queen of the scene or is it just more of the same? On the whole, the mix slides between percussive housey joints and edgier dancefloor numbers. It kicks off in true fashion with Carl Craig's remix of Maurizio's 'Domina', a nice intro with deep chords and lasting emotion, before Heidi increases the tempo with John Tejada's 'Forced Friction' and Kerri Chandler's 'Downtown'. But isn't it too early for this direction? I feel the mix would have settled a little more with something like a Ron Trent or Mr. V edit. Never mind. Solace comes with Darkmountaingroup's 'Lose Control', a straight-up 4/4 number that drops like a Hummer on crunk juice - but did Heidi hear Ryan Elliott drop this at Sonar? The mix into Fuckpony's 'Ride the Pony' is also well executed: the groove here is sexy and alive with girls swaying and guys nodding. Onto Martin Landsky's '1000 Miles', a number which has been rinsed out by all and sundry, and while 'Street Knowledge' by Tobias raises the bar, it's been getting nods from Dinky, Mayer and Hawtin to name a few... which brings me to my point: These numbers have all had their five minutes of fame, and they deserve it, but perhaps it would have been more novel to see what nestles at the back of Heidi's record box but never gets to rest on the Technics (Bruno Pronsato or Andy Stott maybe?) Marc Houle's 'Bay of Figs' is similarly anticipated: Marc himself (along with the other Minus artists) has been pushing this track at his dates, and it's a must-have, a definite floor filler - the title track from the underground album of the year. Here it might not surprise, but it sits well, marking the point where the mix really turns its head - Heidi is pushing the groove a little more. Moving from Alex Under's sombre laptop edit to the deep house of major player Dennis Ferrer, all breezy keys and optimism, the people at home will enjoy being led by the hand though a journey deep below. The endpoint is Trash Monday boss Erol Alkan's remix of Hot Chip's 'Boy From School', a straight-up nod to those who like to stomp to guitar riffs in their cowboy boots. Overall, this is a collection of tracks that a great number of people will recognise, and while the more 'minimal' numbers encourage listeners more, it would've been nice to hear Heidi push the intensity. What I really need is to hear tracks that are combined out of a feeling, one that you can take home with you when you leave the party. Play your songs from the heart and the soul will sing tenfold. But we take what we can get. For people who want something a little mixed and sweet, this will definitely please. The compilation moves through different sounds and styles - it's like a candy store for kids, and you can sample what you like. Heidi might not be the new queen on the scene waving her magic stick just yet, but tracks like 'Domina', 'Street Knowledge' and 'Dump Truck' taste sweet enough to me, and enough homeboys will get the drinks in and the girls the party started - time to twister this bitch with disco lights swirling.
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      1. Maurizio - Domina (C. Craig's Mind Mix) 2. John Tejada - Forced Friction 3. Kerri Chandler - Downtown (Dark Mix) 4. Darkmountaingroup - Lose Control (Reprise) 5. Fuckpony - Ride The Pony 6. Heidi (2) vs. Riton - Vejer 7. Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles 8. Moritz Piske - Ein Känguruh Im Clubraum 9. Tobias - Street Knowledge 10. Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck 11. Marc Houle - Bay Of Figs 12. Alex Under - D 13 Dennis Ferrer Son Of Raw (4:18) 14 Hot Chip Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework) (9:11)