Boyz Noise - Erole Attack

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  • I never understood why DJs who own their own record label would give their tracks to others for release. Is it because they feel some tracks are not good enough to release themselves, or are they just admitting they're no good at promotion? Either way, I don't get it. Now, it is Alexander Ridha, owner of the Boyz Noize moniker and imprint, who is subsidizing three new tracks to Tiga's recently revived Turbo Records. Next to amazing new Tomas Barfod and Sweet Light releases, Turbo is back on track, and Boyz Noize is partly to thank for it. This 12", weirdly enough, finds Ridha in a subtle, at times almost contemplative, mode, hence why these three tracks probably felt more comfortable for him in the hands of another promoter. B-side 'Haldern', for example, is more atmospheric and esoteric than his usual aggressive Boyz Noize productions, while 'I Go Raven' wouldn't even be out of place on a Plaid album. Only the title track, an obvious homage to (in)famous Trash DJ and remixer Erol Alkan, ends up feeling like the Boyz Noize of recent months. If you liked his 'Kill the Kid' and 'War' tracks earlier this year or his brutal 'Personal Jesus' and 'The Acid Never Lies' reinterpretations, then 'Erole Attack' is the one for you: an in-yer-face noisefest with crazy digital bleeps and a monstrous, gritty bassline to scare the neighbors with. It probably sounds too much like a Test Icicles remix for its own good, mind you, but as a gift to help revitalize a friend's label, you wouldn't want it any other way.
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      A. Erole Attack B1. I Go Raven B2. Haldern