On Spec - Knights Of Columbos

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  • Guy Gerber returns to the Bedrock label in the guise of On Spec, and while the name may have changed, 'Knights of Columbos' is destined to be as just a big a hit as his massive 'Stoppage Time' was for the label in 2005. The production was used in John Digweed's 'Transitions' mix, as well as featuring almost on every occasion deep into Digweed’s sets early this year. The hype around the production has been quite big leading into its release, and it is easy to see why. Expect some uplifting mayhem in the original mix, which creates a progressive track that is unique and fresh, and the closest thing the Bedrock imprint has seen in the last couple of years that comes close to its epic progressive roots. A majestic set of melodies, and a quirky bassline make this a track that cannot be ignored. Although the Guy Gerber edit on the flip may not have the hypnotic touch of the original, it’s a welcome addition, welcoming many of the trademark sounds of the original whilst adding a slightly tougher edge thanks to the drums and a tripped out melodic pattern. Gerber has delivered a superb release with 'Knights of Columbos'. With this and ‘Stoppage Time’, he is developing a reputation for delivering sure fire productions hits. It is an interesting release for Bedrock as it sees a return to the lush progressive sound that has always been associated with the label, and if the quality of progressive is represented by tracks such as this, then the myth that progressive is dead is just that – a myth.