Radio Slave - My Bleep

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  • Although hugely prolific bootlegging and remixing everyone from Kylie Minogue to M.A.N.D.Y, Matt Edwards is yet to release a single under his deservedly revered Radio Slave moniker. So what better way to kick off his brand new Rekids imprint than with a Radio Slave 12". 'My Bleep' is a drunken, lairy animal of a tune with more character than a Peter Sellers performance. It wastes no time at all setting out with a half-bar loop of (you guessed it) bleeps sitting atop a stomping kick before an equally stomping bassline slides underneath with the subtlety of a herd of bulls in a Royal Doulton factory. That's the general theme here, too - subtlety is avoided in favor of abrasive, repetitive pads and lead synths that drill, quite ferociously, into your brain. In lesser hands this tune could be an irritating bag of noise but Edwards' production and adept arrangement make it enjoyable, effective and massively memorable. Roman Flugel from Alter Ego takes, surprisingly, a much trippier approach by taming the abrasiveness of some of the sounds and using delays and reverb expertly. Additional toplines cascade over the main keys while the percussion keeps things nicely grounded without being overbearing or too understated. Definitely a mix for the later floors, this is the perfect late night foil to its more peak time counterpart, making this 12" an excellent choice for a variety of music fans. A fine start, which begs the question: why has it taken so long, Matt?