John Digweed – Warung Beach

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  • I am sure we all know that John Digweed has been one of the most innovative and respected DJs in the last decade or so, and for 'Warung Beach' John goes solo to deliver his first production without the guiding light of his Bedrock studio partner Nick Muir. The original mix has the trademark flow and energy of a track that Diggers would use deep into one of his journey-like sets. Although it has the smooth ‘progressive’ flow that we have seen with Bedrock releases in the past, ‘Warung Beach’ also has an undeniable gritty techy essence that has graced sets of John’s in the last year or so. Mashtronic turn the heat up and delivers a flat out peak time reworking that oozes in twisted synths at the deep, evil low-end of the spectrum. The breakdown midway is nicely crafted, ensuring that this is a production that would definitely do the damage come 5 a.m. Digweed's Bedrock Records has been a benchmark for quality, driving progressive releasing true progressive classics such as ‘Heaven Scent’ and ‘Chilling Moments’. It wouldn’t be right if John didn’t live up to the high standards of the label, but while ‘Warung Beach’ may not be in the same league as the classics, it’s definitely another quality release for the imprint.