John Digweed – Warung Beach (Remixes)

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  • After the very solid original and Mashtronic remixes of 'Warung Beach' by John Digweed, the Bedrock imprint turn to Europe, namely Finland and Germany to provide the remixes in a release that is sure to be a big anthem in 2006. Kiki from Finland gets involved with a remix that is quite simply addictive. Kiki's effort lacks any peaks or dips, but it travels along with a groovy set of drums and bouncy melody, yet has a distinct evil flavour thanks to the main riff. It’s a superb reworking by a producer that continually impresses. The Luetzenkirchen remix isn’t as forgiving as the a-side; it's a distinctly more peak time anthem full of twists and turns thanks to its warped out riffs and melodic pads. Used to great effect on John Digweed’s ‘Transitions’ mix, and it is easy to see why this track was loved by John. Two very good remixes here, with the Kiki mix being the highlight of the package.