Atomic Hooligan - You Are Here (The Remixes) Part 1

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  • Latest 12" on Botchit & Scarper features two cuts taken from the forthcoming remix album of Atomic Hooligan's debut LP 'You are Here'. That album combined rock, hip hop, house, turntablism, techno and breakbeats and raised the bar for future breaks artist albums. Here, 'Dreaming' and the album title track 'You Are Here' get the remix treatment from two of breakbeat's most respected artists, B.L.I.M. and Ils. The original 'Dreaming' was, as its title suggested, a dreamy piece - equally at home at the end of a Chemical Brothers album when Tom and Ed usually spiral into psychedelica. B.L.I.M.'s remix combines Atomic Hooligan's dreamy elements and a percussive break consisting of a gung-ho kick drum pattern and buzzing bass tone. Techy atmospheric tones accompany the original bass melody as elements of the arpeggiated synth and the hypnotic "we are dreaming" vocal are progressively added in. Like the original, this remix is suited for end of night shenanigans as the lights come on and it's time to go home. Atmospheric breaks maestro Ils adds his magic touch to the final and title track of Atomic Hooligan's longplayer, 'You are Here'. The mix starts with a crisp drum break and clever synth work before Ils introduces the deep bassline, the blues harmonica and sublime Sweet Hustler vocal from the original. After the main break, these elements carry the track together with a female vocal hook and plenty of background synth work. To be honest, deep atmospheric breaks aren't my thing and I was hoping the vinyl remixes would have included 'The Girl is Filth'. Both remixes are good but seem more suited to lounge rooms than club floors.