Deekline & Wizard vs Jack Beats feat MCs Wiley, Skinnyman, Wunda, Val & Hyperactive - Golddiggas

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  • The leading UK production duo in the realm of booty bass, Deekline & Wizard have teamed up with Jack Beats (the production brainchild of scratch DJ's Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts)) and have come up with a crossover tune that certainly attacks from all angles - booty bass, rock and grimey hip hop. Add to this a roll call of the finest names in the UK hip hop/grimey scene - Wiley, Skinnyman, Wunda, Hyperactive and Val on vocals and you get one lethal combination of a tune... not to mention the follow up to the Booty Bouncer's 2005 hit, Fame & Money. The radio and original versions both start off with a rocking guitar riff heavy on distortion with a drum beat that sounds like they're a well travelled rock band - emphasising the off beats, proper rock style drum fills with Val improvising and vocalising more with each chorus. For each MC's verse, the beat switches to a booty bass break incorporating a traditional electro synth riff and overtones. That's not all, there's even a nicely placed bridged featuring vocals from Val who says she'll "bleed you dry and leave you smilin'". It's certainly something new in breaks and you can tell they're constantly learning new tricks and techniques with every tune they produce. Following on from their remix of Ivory's The Wolf, the Breakfastaz represent for the breakbeat heads out there by kicking off their remix with a fully loaded break filled with squiggly effects, percussive fills and a chopped up version of the synth riff taken from the original which is used in the MC verses. Val's vocals get passed through a filter and she is accompanied by the heavy metal guitar from the orignal. During each MC's verse, the guitar riff stays with the tune but plays a subtle part in the background. The 'fastaz also incorporate a booty bass style beat down towards the end where they drop a bouncing didgeridoo style bassline, a "clear" *hint hint* electro arpeggio and traditional booty bass kick drum pattern. On a much different note comes the collaborative remix between X-Press 2's Ashley Beedle and Wizard who turn the breakbeats on their head and substitute them with a house groove. On top of the beats, the pair drop catchy electro hooks, off-timed horn stabs and a screechy white noise riff which plays a big part during the breakdowns. This version comes in vocal (Val and MC raps) and festival (Val only) versions for those who either love the rap verses or 'ate 'em! I'm all for artist collaborations but I think Deekline & Wizard vs Jack Beats need to have come up with a group name for this especially with an MC roll call like that... Booty Bouncers vs Jack Beats = Booty Jackers!