Evil Nine - FabricLive.28

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  • Tom Beaufoy dons his Evil Nine guise for the 28th installment of Fabriclive. It's a mix full of the trademark sound which has defined both his superb productions as well as his raw and energetic DJ sets. Some may see this as a bit of a change in direction for the Fabric series - it takes a more full-on dancefloor approach than some of the more minimal and intricate albums - but despite the fact that many will know Evil Nine as a purveyor of broken beat, here he indulges in an array of other sounds and elements, all whilst maintaining a tough club appeal. The Evil Nine remix of Will Saul’s ‘Where Is It?’ opens and sets the level of intensity: the track is heavy but smooth, melodic but shot through with sporadic beats with a heavy low-end focus. The CD takes no time at all to get into the thick of things: Riton and the Mystery Jets give the mix structure with more traditional breakbeat productions and Thomas Schumacher’s ‘Kickschool 79’ adds an evil bass, grit and an extra level of intensity – here in the middle of the mix the soundscape and direction are twisted and unconventional. In the second half Evil Nine shifts focus to the dancefloor with driving productions from John Starlight and Daft Punk as well as an intense moment with the Boys Noize remix of The Kreeps. As the intensity level builds, Evil Nine leans on chunky guitar riffs and a general rock’n’roll feel. Adam Freeland’s remix of B-Movie is a perfect example of edgy guitar hooks and tough beats taking the mix into new territory, while the finale is left to the classic ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. Evil Nine has created a mix full of energy and drive using a palette of low-end heaviness and trademark rock influences – it’s very much like a DJ set would sound inside the brick walls of the club itself. Don’t expect that this will last in the memory as a classic, but expect some energy within to be fired up: it’s a party mix that showcases why Evil Nine is not only behind so many big productions but also why he is regarded as the most energetic DJ in the breakbeat world.