Mastercris - Electro Sin EP

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  • Tenth release'Electro Sin EP' from the Aussie digital label is the debut from Cristovao Mestre, aka Mastercris. Kicking off the EP is 'Seven Sins'. Though it takes a bit to get going, it’s a nocturnal beauty that’s as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Working with a floaty-bass kick and minimal vocals, the track built for the club. Nothing crashing or high-energy for peak time, instead, Seven Sins lays out a calm House beat to make people groove along from left to right with their ears intact. 'Deep Electro Contact' continues the trend for more earthly and more atmospheric sounds. With a deepening of glitch for good measure and techno synths slowed to a halt, you’d think you had already taken one too many drinks before the track even got started. DEC is between Tech-House and Techno…like half-techno; it’s not minimal enough to be minimal, but not hard enough to be techno. Final track for the three-cut EP is Tornado Man. A plumpeduptechjoint that’s as acidly as you can go these days. Trancey strings with an electronmatic vibe that’s all four-to-the-floor, carrying a beat that latterly tries to beat your senses into a bowl of jelly. It’s Techno for tech heads.