Craig Richards & Lee Burridge - Tyrant 2

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  • Craig Richards was born in 1966 in Bourn…blah blah. I’m not going to bother to give you the history of these 2 wonderful DJ’s, all that you need to know is that these guys are the sound of now. Craig Richards and Lee Burridge are Tyrant – Sasha to some extent sits in the backseat from time to time. Their sound is fresh; it’s an addictive drug some may say. It’s educating yet entertaining, it’s uplifting yet dangerously deep, it’s smooth yet rigidly brilliant. Tyrant 1 was revolutionary – it made other compilations of its time sound stale. This installment has, for other DJ’s misfortune, again made most other mixes bar the odd exception, fall on its arse. It’s made me look pretty ordinary on public transport with my Discman as I look somewhat bewildered as to how music can possibly get so good! Enough of my embarrassment – on to the music makers. Now this review could go on for 38 pages. I would love to analyse and dissect every one of the 32 tracks featured on these 2 CD’s, but unfortunately (for my sake most probably) can only divulge on few of the highlights, and trust me, there are highlights around every corner. No Shoes, No Cake (CD1) begins with Tribalations “Falling Down”, a perfect introduction into the Tyrant sound that I speak of. “Raasbucket” by Nathan Coles is downright heaven on a record, drums executed to perfection. “Energy” by the Midjut Boys is funkified mayhem, ‘got to feel it’ it proclaims – yes, definitely! The bouncing baseline of “KBS Groove” by DJ Linus is closely followed a baseline that ceases to bounce, but rather growl in your direction – the culprit being “Rock” by Coast 2 Coast. “Orbit 1.3” by Second Hand Satellites summarises itself quite conveniently – ‘beautiful’ – nothing ‘strange’ about it’s brilliance. “Beat Dis” by Omni Am is as good as house music can possibly get pursued by “Chick n Stew” by San Franciscan Mark Farina, which on the other hand simply put is damn sexy. Sieg Uber Die Sonne’s “Hot” unquestionably turns the heat up on this mix while the soothing melody and lush vocals of “Love Variations” by Soul Patrol calls a halt to first half proceedings in the most supreme fashion one could possibly ask for. Take a break – get your breath back. The Tyrant workout is not finished. Pushing Doors Marked Pull (CD2) throws you straight back in the deep end with the shattering baseline and delayed synth of “Pfhey” by Martin Landsky. You’ll be asking what is this place Craig & Lee are taking you with Brett Johnson’s very first-rate record, “Stucco Homes”. You’re guaranteed to love the Rocky Mountain Remix of PJ Stroller’s “Gravy” with its rattling drums and electro stabs. TGM & Teknostep’s “Spandia” has a progressive edge to it with a subtle yet empowering piano line in the breakdown- fully equipped with matching baseline – it’s got it all. You’ll be up in no time in pure delight, as I was, when Nectar’s “Concussive” hits your ears – and when the renaissance style strings of “11” by Sound As A Pound enter you’ll hopefully be pushed over the edge of the realms of happiness. Orion Music’s “Alone” brings that end of night smile to your face, which is then firmly fixed onto your head for the following few hours as Plantastik’s “Familamily” leaves you with the knowledge that your ears have been treated to something very, very special for the last few hours. It is pretty obvious that I slightly enjoyed this mix. It’s a must purchase for dance music enthusiasts. It’s like a fine red wine or a fine scotch whiskey, you know deep inside that quality is looking you in the face. It’s the kind of mix that makes you forget the problems you have and convinces you that the music we listen to is godsend. It’s not often this happens in a mix CD, most just come and go like a one night stand, but Tyrant 2 my good friends is the one you pray that won’t get away. Tracklisting: No Shoes No Cake 01 - Tribalation - Falling Down 02 - Nathan Coles - Raasbucket 03 - Samneric - Crazed Cello 04 - Jefferis Lee - Echo Jazz 05 - Idjut Boys - Energy 06 - Lee Burridge - Lost and Found 07 - DJ Linus - KBS Groove 08 - Coast 2 Coast - Rock 09 - Kenny Hawkes - Ashley's War 10 - Second Hand Satellites - Orbit 1.3 11 - Omni AM - Beat Dis 12 - Sounds From Around - Things Fall Apart 13 - Mark Farina - Chick N Stew 14 - Callisto - Resistance 15 - Sieg Uber Die Sonne - Hot 16 - Soul Patrol - Love Variations Pushing Doors Marked Pull 01 - Panoptica - And L 02 - Martin Landsky - Pshey 03 - Brett Johnson - Stucco Homes 04 - DJ F.E.X. - So Special 05 - Shuffle INC - Remember Chicago (Swag Remix) 06 - Metta & JT Love - Day Shuffle 07 - PJ Stroller - Gravy (Rocky Mountain Remix) 08 - DJ Garth & Eric James present Rocket - Standby 09 - TGM & Teknostep - Spandia 10 - Hush & Chop - Drummers Dawn 11 - Ivan I - All Tings Dub 12 - Nectar - Concussive 13 - Sound As A Pound - 11 14 - Karnak - Black Rain 15 - Orion Music presents - Alone 16 - Plantastik - Familamily