Eyerer & Chopstick - Electric

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  • Martin Eyerer and Chopstick are the latest new pairing to switch camps and have a stab at electrohouse. Eyerer's extensive personal discography reveals more than just a few trance skeletons in his closet while Chopstick, former A&R at Ministry of Sound Germany and current part-owner of Berlin electrohouse label Criminal Records, has previously dabbled in house, progressive house and techno and even remixed Madonna and Britney Spears. Following on from 'She Loves It' and 'Get Alive', Eyerer and Chopstick team up again to deliver a sexy raw electrohouse track featuring the pair's trademark heavy shifting basslines and crisp male vocals. Similar to productions by Mylo and Tiga, 'Electric' is a quirky party electrohouse track perfect for the wee hours of the morning when the lights are dim but the vibe is more than high. The 'Original Edit' builds around a pounding bassline, a scattered rhythm and the soft whispered male spoken vocals of Phil Barnes. Following the breakdown, chunky beats mixed with fresh drum loops build back up to the catchy raw vocal. Watch the dancefloor stomp their feet and clap their hands when the vocal arrives! Although the original is best, the 'Williams Remix' creates a sense of traffic that gives it extra definition while still doing justice to the energetic free will of the original. Williams makes minimal use of the vocal with a bigger emphasis on the melody and less prolonged build ups and quirky sounds, though the latter are perhaps the allure of the original. The 'Diringer Remix' is nothing fresh but it is geared towards progressive audiences. A little slower, its bizarre yet funky sounds make it ideal for warm up DJs. Overall 'Electric' is an edgy sophisticated production which avoids the trashy pitfalls of more commercial electrohouse and illustrates Eyerer & Chopstick's sound is maturing. Well worth a listen, expect to hear this one a lot over the summer.