Shodan & Fatman D - And The Beat Goes

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  • Rat Records booty based (umm yes, pun intended!) sub-label Bounce represents with a hip hop tune from drum'n'bass/breakbeat producer Shodan featuring vocals from UK MC Fatman D. Shodan's production work has seen releases on labels like the legendary Ganja records, Easy, Funkatech and Combat Wax. On the remix tip the combined forces of CTRL-Z and Yoof (from Sunz Of Mecha fame) drop a transcontinental shaker still keeping true to the Bounce ethic. CTRL-Z and Yoof's mix takes the reigns on this release as the main mix and starts off with a movie skit when then leads into an ambient synth intro "and the beat goes" into a rocking breakbeat which sees CTRL-Z and Yoof laying down an Eastern sitar hook. The beat drops down to half time and it is here we first get to hear the gruff vocalisations of Fatman D. As the tune eases back into normal time, the chorus features ravey sirens in the background, that awesome sitar riff and a booty bassline which sounds highly reminiscent of the one used in the Stantons remix of High Score. The original version takes on a life of its own - straight up hip hop with a bouncy ragga style beat in the background, far removed from the Eastern flavours used by CTRL-Z in their version. Being the original, Fatman D's verses feature in full glory as he waxes lyrically about dicing up other MCs with his skills and representing for his people coming in from all sides.