Joris Voorn - Coming From The Shower After A Late Night With A Failed Date

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  • The flying Dutchman Joris Voorn, is back again, this time with the second release on his Green label, 'Coming From The Shower After A Late Night With A Failed Date', the follow up to the wonderful 'A Dedicated Mind'. Voorn has collaborated with names like Kowalski, Deetron, F.E.O.S and Technasia on many different projects and his time given to music production has produced consistent results since the year 2000. Check his groovin', club techno, facelift of Justin Berkovi's 'Rising' on Music Man which has been causing quite a stir of late. 'Many Reasons' combines silky-synth textures with a strong, booming bassline to give this track a sense of beauty, but also a flowing energy that surges forth. If you've heard Voorn's 'Don't Believe Everything You See' or his rework of Pascal F.E.O.S' 'Flashed Back' then you should be familiar with his penchant for Detroit influenced techno-soul. This track just keeps on building and building with a decadent synth-line rippling out at you in waves. 'Many Reasons' has definite Carl Craig influences and this track is indeed getting plenty of support from fans of deeper techno. On the flip, Joris dumps his silky-synthesiser on 'MPX 309' and goes straight for the jugular with a stompin', drum-led track resembling something we've heard from Hardfloor. Loads of reverb and delay give the hi-hats some real presence throughout this track along with a couple of huge swells where that acid-techno, thumpin' bassline drops out to allow the hi-end to get busy. There's no time to mess about as this pulsating, piece of driving techno gets to work on our cerebellum, causing sudden jerky movements, high temperature and sweating - all symptoms of a good night on the dancefloor! This release is another gem from Joris Voorn and further compounds his status as a major force 'Many Reasons' is quite a cracker while 'MPX 309' will definitely delight dancers who like the heads down stuff. So, for many many reasons, this is a must for all you lovers of groovy electronic experiments.