Circuit Breaker - Left Hook

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  • Following up his second release for Moneyshot, Germany's Circuit Breaker has certainly been making headway into the breakbeat scene with luminaries such as Meat Katie name checking him as one of the leading lights in the future of the scene, not to mention signing him to lot49 for Gateway/Soulsearcher. Circuit Breaker follows up his party rocking Supa (which was done with Deckart) with a much deeper and percussive Left Hook. Representing on the remix tip are Superstyledeluxe who are certainly making their payback felt with releases on Supercharged and their own Payback Project. Side A. Original Left Hook features trademark Circuit Breaker style drum beats however, he's added a slightly different shuffle to the beats giving it that "broom sweep" feel. Progressively elements such as a deep, droning electro bassline, subtle bongo riff, turntable scratches and a buzzing synth hook make their prescence felt in the tune. Ploddy? Slightly! Heavy? Definitely and it's certainly something different from what we've heard from Moneyshot. Side B. Superstyledeluxe Remix Upon hearing that Superstyledeluxe were doing the remix, it came to mind that one should expect something completely different as the SSD boys are known to conjure up something extraordinary with their electro-funk-disco-b-boy-breakbeat sound. The tune opens up with a slightly different take on the original breakbeat with that all too prominent SSD style hi-hat rhythm and some hard hitting horn stabs beefing up the intro. That's not all that gets beefed up though as SSD drop their trademark warbling bassline and breakbeat rhythms into the mix to give the remix a full, yet disjointed sound. Sure it can throw you offbeat, but that big and original sound just has to be appreciated.
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