GiGi FM - Gabriella

  • Published
    May 14, 2024
  • Words
    Rae-Aila Crumble
  • Label
  • Released
    April 2024
  • Genre
  • Deep, hypnotic techno that nods to '90s house.
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  • As a professionally trained dancer turned DJ, GiGi FM understands that every beat counts. In a previous interview with Resident Advisor, she detailed the intrinsic connection her creating process builds between music and movement: "I work mostly standing up, because it all starts with my body and the colours of the feelings or realms I want to create or travel to," she said. Her last EP, Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol.2, found her ravaging extraterrestrial terrain, relying on spacy pads and wonky synth leads to find her way. On "Gabriella," the lead single from an upcoming EP, those elements serve as a foil for a new influence: Latin jazz. An all-too-familiar thumping kick and arp combo stalls before FM unleashes an intense hand percussion rhythm, bending shape as the measures progress. The apex? A frenetic piano performance, playfully dotting and dashing on top of it all. With a loose feel indebted to Latin-inflected, '90s New York house and finished off with the polished surfaces of contemporary deep techno, "Gabriella" pulls these seemingly disparate elements together without sacrificing one for the other.