New Flesh – Stick n Move/Do You Understand It

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  • New Flesh come straight out the leftfield of hip hop with an interesting to make the heads think differently about hip hop. Part 2’s production skills are considered ground breaking and futuristic while still being able to avoid that “abstract” tag which can usually mean hip hop heads just not getting into it in favour of the party tracks such as J5, Dilated Peoples, De La etc. Stick ‘n’ Move feat. Blackitude. The element in this track which grabs the listener’s attention is definitely the phat bass line. It’s groovy and does the song justice. If you have seen the video clip to this song (commercial TV will never play it but good programs like Rage will – pity it’s late at night) you will see that the bass line really suits the video as Juice Aleem, Toastie Taylor, Part 2 and Blackitude move like robots as the video is sped up and slowed down. Not really groundbreaking footage but well suited to this beat. All 3 MC’s flow well to this beat which I suppose could be described as a bit if digi-dub or dancehall as their delivery (especially Toastie Taylor’s gruff voice) has that ragga edge to it. Do You Understand It? feat. TY. This song has more of that nice piano sampling that Part 2 had utilised in the Communicate track he did with Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious, and this track maintains more of that dancehall vibe with the syncopated on and off beat, similar to Timbaland but not as commercial. Quite hard to get your head nodding to this. This version with TY is exclusive to the single.