Jonas Bering - Behind This Silence

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  • Kompakt comes out swinging in 2006 with “Behind This Silence”, a simply gorgeous 12” of blissful “heart on your sleeve” music. The A-side title track “Behind This Silence” is almost seven minutes of gently sighing strings, sweet melodic chimes, and warm guitar textures, all underscored by an insistent bassline and a 4/4 beat. It’s openly and honestly romantic; the track feels heartfelt and sincere in its romanticism, not at all manipulative or calculating in a “go for the heartstrings” way. A shining, sparkling gem, it’s guaranteed to get a dancefloor both moving and smiling. The three B-side tracks move away from the dancefloor with less noticeable beats, crafted in a classic shimmering Kompakt pop ambient style. “Durance” slowly moves forward with a slightly shuffling rhythm as a gleaming crystalline chime echoes in and out. A lovely tinkling melody cycles around and around “Missing” as synths sigh underneath and the beat gently sways from side to side. Closing track “Melanie” is beautiful and haunting at the same time, featuring elegant yet mysterious piano loops that skip up and down the register, accompanied by glittering yet icy chimes and a simple yet somber bassline. All three tracks are built to charm and beguile, and certainly do the job. For those fond of Kompakt’s gauzy romantic side, “Behind This Silence” is highly recommended.