Stian Klo - Mario's Adventure

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  • The hot Oslo Nights dj Likwit to his many fans has been a very busy boy as of late under his production alias of Stian Klo with Aussie’s digital label Infamous Light Recordings. The 25-year-old who started as a dj, now a dance producer, and in-turn has his own label with fellow musicians, Furry Music, before the age of 30 – my, how fast these entrepreneurs grow. For the ninth release, Stian’s ode to his childhood video game, Mario’s Adventures tackles the glitchyness of tech with those speedy hi-hats pumping the bass kicks into furious speeds. Raging bulls it sounds as the quirky FX’s give the track that wobbly sound that has quickly been associated with the sounds of ILR; a great track for the many of many Richie Hawtin or James Holden fans out there. On the flip is courtesy of Norwegian’s Terje Bakke. Minimal sounds throughout with that hint of electro that still the rage these days in clubland, many may be turned off with it’s glitchy-from-hell effects that Bakke’s Terjelectro Mix has put on, yet, if you’re looking for music that gives can give you a natural head-trip to metallic wonderfalls, look no further. Strange yes – weird and eerie, yes, the sound of ILR and dark-gothic-technojunkies, YES! The label continues to impress with its left-of-center thinking and Stian Klo opens up to the world that he’s more than a one-trick-pony.