Jeigo - Overwhelmer feat. Tom VR

  • Published
    19 Sep 2022
  • Words
    Andrew Moore
  • Label
  • Released
    September 2022
  • Genres
  • Emotive, introspective leftfield techno.
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  • Following releases from Supreems and Remotif, air miles returns to Valby Rotary cofounder Jeigo, who inaugurated the label back in 2012. Stretching UK genres into new melancholic and distinctly Jeigo-esque forms, the former Phonica Records, Rye Wax and Worldwide FM intern blends euphoric jungle, headsy club and intricate percussive techno on his new EP, bringing an old friend along for the ride on highlight "Overwhelmer." Tom VR is synonymous with colourful and emotional electronica, and he adds depth to the introspective but percussive UK techno that has quickly come to define both their production styles.