Quelza - Nectar

  • Tommy Four Seven's label continues the fierce techno and drum & bass crossover.
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  • Earlier this year, Tommy Four Seven's 47 label released one of the most memorable techno records of the year, a drum & bass techno hybrid from Torn. Its latest 12-inch, from Berlin producer Quelza, rumbles down the same road. It's a heavy techno EP of intense kick drums and melodramatic synth work, with an extra flair for the theatrical—long breakdowns, heart-in-mouth gaps, melodies that sound like string sections. It closes with "Nectar," which takes a whole minute to come to life before pounding away at 164 BPM, the kind of speed where the percussion sounds like it's rattling more than thrumming. After a typically tense breakdown, the drums come back in full force, with shredded Amen breaks tumbling behind the kicks and in the peripheries, like a virus trying to force its way into the system. It's breathtaking every time, the kind of epic moment that could close an album, not just an EP.