Janeko - Concentrate

  • Janeret and DJOKO team up for some extremely polished house music.
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  • The first thing I thought of when putting on Concentrate, the first EP from French-German DJ supergroup-duo was an upscale fusion restaurant. You know—the kind with the low lights (or Edison bulbs), reclaimed wood, a constant thrum of stylish house music in the background. I don't mean that as a diss, but rather an easy entry point: Concentrate is some of the most polished, suave house music I've heard in a while. These four tracks are slick and irresistible, from the discofied flair of the title track and its hooky vocal. The chord camps, the reverb, it's all perfect. "Pushin" features a disembodied soul vocal with organ pulses and wah-wah style synths, while "Sine Up Here" boasts the record's best bassline, with a Perlonesque twinkle in its eye (and its fidgety snare drums). The floaty "Deeper Thoughts" rounds things out with a buoyant groove, finishing a record that goes down buttery smooth but has enough personality to leave a pleasant taste lingering behind.
  • Tracklist
      01. Pushin 02. Sine Up Here 03. Concentrate 04. Deeper Thoughts