DJ Gigola - Gigi Groove

  • Chunky, funky techno.
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  • DJ Gigola's first-ever solo EP features three cuts of catchy, crossover-ready techno. For my money, "Gigi Groove" is the hit here, and as its title implies, it's something of a manifesto for the artist. The thrust is techno, but it hits with a swung rhythm somewhere in between reggaeton and UK funky. A simple vocal sample echoes and richochets everywhere, and Gigola introduces a fuzzy bassline that sounds like it's boring through the underside of the track into the rest of it. She sets up for an explosive breakdown-and-return and then, in an intriguing outro, lets each element play out before ending in a simple cowbell groove. All this wraps up in less than four minutes, a blast of energy from someone who doesn't take techno too seriously and makes seriously deadly techno as a result.