Jennifer Loveless - Around The World

  • Endless summer house jams that impress on both a technical and emotional level.
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  • It's only taken three short years for Jennifer Loveless to become a master of mesmerizing dance music. Her first EP, Hard/Soft, was a 20-minute slab of oozing ambient techno, shifting between shimmering beatless passages and dubby percussive moments. "Backroll Buddy," the centerpiece of her excellent 2021 EP, Water, threaded a lively house beat through field recordings of parties she had played, transporting the listener to the center of the dance floor. On Around The World, the Melbourne artist's newest EP for Butter Sessions, Loveless combines a seasoned DJ's instincts with virtuosic producer chops. The tracks on this EP are beautifully blissed-out, full of the effortless, soaring grooves other artists work a lifetime to achieve. A track like "YamaaHA!" showcases Loveless' compositional dexterity, as she glues together several different eras of dance music drum sounds—a 909 crash, tribal house hand percussion, Balaeric tom fills—with a deep, rubbery kick. It's like the best moments of a massive drum circle, the infectious, body moving pulse, with none of the patchouli. At the midpoint of "Reverse Cowgirl 2," Loveless layers choral vocals and quarter-note piano stabs over a slinking disco beat, creating the kind of pupil-dilating moment that kicks a rave into high gear. It all comes together on "Around The World," a massive and psychedelic house jam. The track begins with a jittery synth squiggle and a syncopated bassline. It slowly accumulates layers of chiming drones, smearing each one through a digital delay. Before you know it, Loveless has summoned a fully enveloping swirl, each colorful element seeping into every nook and cranny of the stereo field. The entire EP is a welcome blast of endless summer serotonin. Loveless's music is warm and welcoming, inviting listeners to lose themselves within it. Though these tracks are clearly made with an eye toward the club, the effect isn't lost when played on a home stereo or in headphones. That this is only Jennifer Loveless's third record is astounding—she's already working at a level many producers only hope to reach. While Around The World is impressive on a technical level, it's Loveless's ability to impart pure joy that makes the EP such a triumph.
  • Tracklist
      01. Muzik 02. Around The World 03. Reverse Cowgirl 2 04. Fall In Love 05. Club Stomp 06. YamaaHA!