Ficilio - Dangerous Goods

  • Dubsteppy techno with razor-sharp edges on Toronto label-to-watch Parallel Minds.
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  • Minimal but deadly is the vibe on Ficilio's debut EP on Ciel, Yohei S, and Daniel 58's Parallel Minds label. It's clear that the Toronto producer believes that less is more given the subtle main ingredients on this title track—chopped drums, thick synth stabs and heavy duty dub. "Dangerous Goods" is sparse yet powerful, with each element responding to one another like a see-saw. A staccato synth line beckons and staggered, low-slung drum loops follow. The whole record boasts a cool and calculated touch, bringing to mind the space and sound of the earliest dubstep records (think Big Apple). This may be the most skeletal track on the EP, but it's also got the most teeth—a testament to the power of heavy sub-bass.