Bo Sedkid - Goring

  • Experimental hip-hop embellished with Sri Lankan instrumentation.
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  • As Sri Lanka experiences its worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948, local producer Bo Sedkid is speaking out against the country's deep history of weak governance. His new album, Goring, uses spoken word, conscious rap, doomy hip-hop beats and folk-pop melodies to explore themes of uncertainty and turbulence. This title track specifically talks about police brutality and political corruption, according to the Colombo-based artist, whose frustrations are palpable. His conversation-style rap verses sound sad and resentful—rightfully so, given the new government's violent crackdown on dissent and activism—while interludes of lilting melody and traditional vocal samples add to the bittersweet mood. "Goring" references the act of stabbing with a horn or tusk, a fitting reference for a track that belies an urgent need to fight back against poor leadership.