Psybody - 2S+

  • Pulsating Goa-influenced techno with excellent remixes from Cromby and Trax Unit.
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  • Psybody is the alias of long-time LA promoter _mr_jenifer with their Oakland-based musical partner Jason Peters, and Psychicbody is the new label they've started. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's the music on their first EP: "2S+," a barnstorming Goa trance-inflected techno cut that layers loopy synth on synth until it curdles into a breakdown that roars like a plague of cicadas. This is stuff to trip out the trippiest raver, with a discombobulating effect only emphasized by the swung drum pattern that comes in to the track's middle third. Cromby comes through with a brisker, more house-informed version of "2S+" that moves at a steady gallop, with an almost Madchester smoothness. But, king of breakdowns as he is, Cromby lets that roaring lead rip, though this time it sounds anthemic rather than addled. Taking things in both a jauntier and more contemporary direction is Trax Unit, whose remix sounds like something that might come out on Lenske, with its quick-footed strut and gorgeous, shimmying chords—a fun, clear rush compared to the original's afterhours vibes.
  • Tracklist
      01. 2S+ 02. 2S+ (Trax Unit Remix) 03. 2S+ (Cromby Remix)