Bakongo + Scuba - OneZeroFive

  • A bassweight slammer from two of the best to ever do it.
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  • Paul Rose, AKA Scuba, has been in a reflective mood lately. Just tune into his weekly Not a Diving Podcast where the Hotflush boss does some major soulsearching. (The two-hour runtime also keeps Rose's notorious Twitter fingers occupied.) But you can also hear this contemplation in Rose's music, particularly his ongoing collaboration with Roska under his Bakongo alias. Their latest, "OneZeroFive", sees the two harken back to Rose's formative years as one one of dubstep's loftiest, most atmospheric producers. It's a bit too slow for most dubstep (or funky) DJs, but it has the airy bassweight and hi-tech sound design of those early releases. When you add in the looped vocal and hand claps—probably the work of Roska—it's one of Rose's best tracks in recent memory.