Kadapat - Setra Kombat

  • Dissociative gamelan music with a spectral, shadowy sheen.
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  • Bali-based duo Kadapat are students of gamelan, and regularly perform in traditional ceremonies centred around the art form's transcendental tones. On their production debut for Gorong Gorong, a newly-formed local label, these young artists explore the intersection of technology and gamelan, asking themselves how they can reimagine the centuries-old practise through synthesised sounds. "Setra Kombat," off their seven-track album, best captures their attempts. It's built around gamelan's signature trait—a gradual build up of layered metallophones, gongs and chimes that produce a disorienting, trance-like state—but these elements have been looped and chopped up for enhanced intensity. Eerie drone, warped synth lines and whiffs of dark techno further contribute to the ominous atmosphere, underlining the duo's taste for subversive experimentation.