Fairmont - Gazebo / Gazelle

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  • Jake Fairley is next up on the always impressive Border Community imprint under his Fairmont guise, and he delivers another superb release on James Holden’s label. Gazebo is a very interesting piece of work, beginning delightfully with some very nice bouncy melodies as well as a smooth basslines that tastefully builds the track. As the production progresses, some moody strings and some more intense percussion kick in and lift the vibe up a few notches. It is a top draw track that highlights the uniqueness of this fine label. The Gazebo Tool is just as impressive! The melodies have a slightly different shape to them and to be fair, this is more then just a tool as it really is another superb production in itself. Gazelle has a smoother feel to it, with some warm pads and moody basslines helping this production flow along nicely at a very comfortable pace, helped thanks to some nice melodies and a general summer aura. The Gazelle Tool is again another stunning piece of music. Unlike the tool on the a-side, this production lacks a constant beat, but it more then makes up for it with some stunning pads and melodies, and an overall emotive piece of music. Another stunning release on the brilliant Border Community. What you have here are 4 pieces of music that are all strong and have so much depth to them that it makes up a release that must not be overlooked.