Israel Vines - Culling

  • Three-dimensional techno.
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  • It's hard to pick out a favorite from American techno mainstay Israel Vines' Tresor debut, Voices, because all the tracks feel luxe, sleek and futuristic, each slightly askew in its own way. But "Culling" cuts above the rest by just a little for me. It starts with those odd, twisted drums—like something Ben UFO would play at peak-time—then it gets interesting with some intense, three-dimensional synth melodies that sneak in from the peripheries. Every time I listen in headphones it sounds like there's music coming from somewhere else. Add clever drum programming, a disorienting breakdown and a post-punk inspired countermelody, and you've got yourself a true leftfield techno banger worthy of the Tresor name.
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      <a href="">Voices by Israel Vines</a>