Soos - Expansion Pack

  • Bubbly, retro grooves that reference old acid and trance with a wink and a grin.
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  • If you look at electronic music from an outsider's perspective, some things must feel confusing. For example: how many songs can use the loon sample over several decades without it becoming tired or boring? The latest EP from Mexico City's Soos enters the fray with "Jock Jam," a tongue-in-cheek retro workout that loops together dance music clichés like popcorn on a string. When you hear that distinctive bird call, you'll probably have one of two reactions: get excited or roll your eyes. Either way, "Jock Jam" is so groovy, well-executed and infectious that after a few bars, you'll be rollicking along with it even if you don't usually jibe with this kind of throwback. Expansion Pack, which comes on Mexican upstart Netter System, is full of familiar moments like these—the little licks of acid on the dreamy breakbeat house of "Sanso (Elegiac Mix)" will take you back to Mixmaster Morris or Bandulu, while the pan pipe motif that begins "A.S.L. (Adult Mix)" references everything from New Age to progressive house. In fact, the best moments on Expansion Pack make me think of some dream situation where the trance Sasha collaborated with the Italian dream house Sasha (responsible for this incredible anthem). The smooth production touches are pure trance, but the heavy rhythm sections—and maddeningly catchy hooks—keep it earthbound. Some sounds are timeless for a reason, because when the right person puts them together with personality and verve, they sound new all over again.
  • Tracklist
      01. ? 02. Sonso (Elegiac Mix) 03. Jock Jam 04. A.S.L. (Adult Mix) 05. 10so