Mucho Sueño - Relacional

  • Introspective experimental club music with a reassuring touch.
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  • All Centre specializes in a style of dance music where the dazzlingly gorgeous is pit against disorienting bass pressure, often within the same track. Few labels could establish such a strong identity with an ever-evolving roster. Now All Centre plays the perfect host for Chilean producer Mucho Sueño, who has churned out tracks for labels like AD 93 (fka Whities), the lo-fi launchpad X-Kalay and sonic shitposting outpost low income $quad, as if he was searching for a home. Relacional serves up three tracks of narcotic club music that call to mind the gentler side of '90s IDM—even the short run-times suggest some of this era's preference for vignettes rather than functionally-minded dance tracks, and Mucho Sueño's focus is more inwards than on the dance floor. Take the bewitching lullaby and choir of the title track, or the downcast chords in "Rendering" that channel an understated 1999 classic. There's always an element in the background that fosters a sense of stillness, serving as a sturdy foundation for all the acrobatics overlaid on top—the chopped-up vocal samples, the lithe drum work, the sputtering of electric circuits You can feel a sense of play in these tracks that meander rather than go anywhere in particular. Why rush when the vista is so lovely? The beatless "Transitar" epitomizes this approach, not much more than some elongated sighs and a gorgeous loop, all coming to a sudden crash. Elsewhere, only the sometimes rowdy and syncopated kicks shake off the stupor and betray an affiliation to the club. Relacional is an EP of sensuous and kinetic music, IDM for a generation where the future has lost its shine—sounds that fondle, ruffle and stroke, right here, right now.
  • Tracklist
      01. Relacional 02. Rendering 03. Tristar