Peach - Galaxy Girl

  • Peach's first-ever solo record folds some mnml into her usual party-rocking vibe.
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  • When you think of Peach, you probably think big tunes—hi-NRG bombs, ecstatic house, a New Order record here and there. At the beginning of this year, however, she told Resident Advisor about how she began dipping her toes into the world of minimal over the course of the pandemic, citing DJs like Sugar Free, Christian AB and Francesco Del Garda as newer inspirations. I mention this as there's a more cerebral style of funk on Galaxy Girl, her first ever 12-inch, in addition to the wink and a smile we've come to expect—like that jump-rope sample on "Clovers Groove." The middle two tracks on Galaxy Girl showcase this balance perfectly. There's a playful tech house wiggle to the bass and starburst melodies on "Clovers Groove," but there's also some serious teeth to those 808s, while title track could sit up there with the best of contemporary UK techno as Passion fuses a little dubstep wobble in the sub regions. It's not all eyes-down, get-stoned-and-stand-by-the-speaker fare. I dare anyone with a pulse to not want to jump out of their chair, rip a cardboard box in two, and write the word "CHOON" on it when they hear that speed garage bassline on "Buttercup." And we really see Passion shine with a sprinkle of second-wave Detroit chords over the sluggish bass on "Mimosa"—just enough to make it feel light on its feet. This shouldn't be much of a surprise given Passion's CV—she can, after all, even turn the chill out room into a proper party. But what makes Galaxy Girl such a dazzling debut is the way she offers up a study (four, in fact) in sharp contrasts between bright melodies and growling low-end.
  • Tracklist
      01. Buttercup 02. Clovers Groove 03. Galaxy Girl 04. Mimosa