Eddington Again - Core 22

  • Uplifting, leftfield soul
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  • On "Core 22," Berlin-via-Los Angeles artist Eddington Again comes through with the energy of a fitness instructor: "Hit the core," they repeat over pulsating rhythms and sprawling percussion. However, in this instance, the cores they’re referring to are the creative spirits. "I am inviting y'all to tap into your source of power and expand on what you believe is possible," they say in the press release. It's a message of empowerment from an artist who practices what they preach—they've tapped into their own reservoirs of potential to craft some gorgeous leftfield soul. Field recordings of birds chirp away faintly in the background as warm, meandering synths poke through the mix. It's the kind of uplifting vibe I've been craving in times like these.