VTSS - Trust Me

  • On her new EP, VTSS goes... wait, what did we just listen to?
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  • "Trust Me" makes an impression far larger than its sub-two-minute runtime would imply. Taken from the Polish techno producer's new EP, Projections, apparently inspired by the musical freedom of her new home in London, it's hardly techno at all. The track wobbles along on a heavy, deeply satisfying tom-tom drum that drunkenly swaggers between detuned tendrils of synth. It all sounds kind of bonkers, and it disappears just when you've wrapped your head around it—but that only makes it and every one of its heavily-treated sounds all the more tantalizing. We'll have to wait till January to hear the rest, but "Trust Me" is a bold, if hilariously brief, first taste of the techno superstar's next move.