Viewtiful Joe - Married On A6

  • A bit of '80s cheese melted on an electro burner.
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  • While I'm loathe to use the phrase "DJ's DJ," it's hard to avoid it when describing Lisbon-based Joe Delon. In his hands, even the most outrageous synth pop somehow sounds deep enough to get the saltiest heads wiggling. With his label, Welt Discos, he's now releasing records that work a similar magic, somehow both cerebral and flamboyant. Casablanca expat Jonas Bengio AKA Viewtiful Joe's "Married On A6" is a case study in this sound. It's a peppy electro number with particularly pensive chords but the bassline snaking underneath gives it a little flare. Its hand-plucked crescendo provides the perfect '80s cheese, not unlike the bass in the Law & Order theme song.