Overmono - Diamond Cut

  • A 2-step beat and an Erika de Casier sample make for an irresistible late-season anthem.
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  • I'm not one to farm out my writing to user comments, but there's one on the Bandcamp page for Overmono's new 12-inch that I couldn't get out of my head (thanks, user Balance Audio): "Like Bicep.... but for the heads." That's not a knock against Bicep—I love them—but it hints at the kind of universal but "underground" vibe that Overmono have struck gold with. Their tracks are sugary-sweet with a menacing sub-bass edge, as evidenced by this latest cut, which you probably heard in their Essential Mix last month. It's Overmono reduced to an elemental force: a 2-step beat, a killer bassline and an Erika de Casier vocal sample that repeats over and over. Honestly, it sounds like 2011 all over again, and I'm here for it.