Huerco S. - Plonk IV

  • The producer shifts gears to metallic techno inspired by his lifelong love of cars.
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  • After the major success of his last album, Huerco S. was over ambient music. Despite his name becoming synonymous with the genre, he later dubbed it "productivity music, capitalist music." He considered becoming a mechanic. ("I'm a huge petrol-head," he confessed.) Turns out that was a clue to where his music was going. On Plonk, the first LP under the Huerco S. name in six years, the producer steps away from misty ambience and gets physical—mechanical, even. The skittering beats and slippery tempo of "Plonk IV" feel like the rhythmic patterns of a whirring machine. This is tuned-up techno that runs like a dream.